ESL Installations

ESL (Electronic Shelf Labelling) is a system used in retail stores to display product pricing on shelves, electronically. These replace paper labels to revolutionise the way we shop today.

Crew Services Group have converted the most retail stores in Australia and have now recently launched in New Zealand.

Our crews across the nation  have undergone training to implement electronic shelf labels effectively and efficiently in store.

Electronic Shelf Labelling is more reliable as they showcase pricing that is up to date, therefore reducing pricing errors. Reducing these errors will in hand create a positive experience for shoppers, therefore increasing shopper engagement.

Dynamic pricing with electronic shelf labels allows for more flexible pricing strategies and will overall improve customer satisfaction!

Revolutionise Your Store with Our ESL Installation Service

  • Pricing errors and discrepancies are minimised resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increase efficiency. 
  • Reduced time and resources required to manage and update pricing.
  • Environmentally friendly. 
  • Reducing environmental impact by reducing paper waste from paper labels.
  • Up to date accurate, reliable pricing.
  • Creating a positive in store experience leading to customer loyalty.
  • Save time and money with Digital Shelf Tags.
  • Reducing labour costs associated with manual label updates.
  • ESL pricing is automatically updated from a central server. Whether that be a total price change, or special deal this can be done within minutes in store.


Are electronic shelf labels worth it?

Yes, electronic shelf labels are worth it. There are many benefits with having electronic shelf labels fitted in physical stores. Reliability, accuracy and time efficient have shown to increase customer satisfaction.

How do electronic shelf labels work?

Electronic shelf labels work from a central server. Once these labels are physically placed in their allocated spot within the shelves they work off wireless technology which is then connected to a central server to communicate price changes and specials through to the esl tag. The price is showcased on the digital screen clearly directly under the product.

What is the best brand of electronic shelf label?

Working alongside our technology partners there is a wide variety of sizes and shapes. All electronic shelf label tags feature a unibody design, complete encasing flexible ion battery, reducing its power consumption and increasing its lifespan for up to 10 years and opportunities to add multiple pages per tag

How much does an electronic shelf label cost?

An electronic shelf label can vary in cost depending on size, shape and colour requirements to be embedded into the tag.

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