Stock Replenishment

We have Crew Members ready to go at your availability in every state across Australia as well as New Zealand

We want our retailers to be satisfied with the work we do that is why our crew pay close attention to detail with every item that is being displayed on your shelves.

About Our Stock Replenishment Services

  • At Crew Services Group, our crew are experienced in restocking empty shelves and bays.

  • Supporting store internal teams in restocking their shelves we strive to make sure customers are satisfied throughout their shopping experience.

  • Our crew members & leaders are available 24/7
  • They work on night or day fill, disaster support and high sale periods such as Easter and Christmas. 
  • Our exposure over the years to different working areas and environments makes us capable to execute replenishment in fast times.
  • We have been able to improve sales as customer demand is met by having your shelves stocked with products. We play a critical part to ensure we deliver on the plan.


How can replenishment be done efficiently?

Replenishment can be done efficiently and quickly as we have highly trained crew members in each state. We have also extended our works to New Zealand if needing assistance there. Our crew members have undergone thorough in-house and on-site training to learn a variety of techniques so our partners are satisfied with the work we do and how we do it.

What key factor is taken into consideration when considering inventory replenishment?

Lead time is one of the important key factors that is taken into consideration when considering inventory replenishment. The time it takes for an order to be completed by a supplier. Longer lead times result in stockout this is why products need to be ordered well in advance. Once these products are delivered our crew members know what to do.

Why is there a need to establish an effective replenishment system?

There is a need to establish an effective replenishment system so that our retailer partners are meeting customer demands. We want products to be in stock so they are available to your customers 24/7 , therefore products need to move along the supply chain smoothly. This is where our crew can step in to help with the consistency of filled shelves.

How do your Crew Members help with Stock Replenishment?

Our Crew Members help with Stock Replenishment by restocking empty shelves and bays. Whilst they restock items they are also bringing all stock forward and making sure items are rotated accordingly. They will also go through each item carefully by checking expiry dates before stocking or removing those past their use by.

Which companies has Crew Services partnered with for Stock Replenishment?

Companies that Crew Services currently have 22 active retailer partners.

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