Planogram Implementation

A planogram is a visual diagram that shows clear placement of products in retail stores. 

It is a guide that shows where and how products should be placed. 

The reason as to why there are specific measures to this is to maximise sales and ensure customers have a positive experience. Our crew members understand the importance of this and work to the highest of standards.

Why Choose Us

  • Our field crew have been thoroughly trained to execute a planogram in the fastest and most efficient way.
  • We have crew members & leaders throughout each state and have recently extended our works to New Zealand. 
  • As we work all throughout the day and night 24/7 our crews are flexible to cater for your needs.
  • Boasting over 1,100 crew team members across Australia & New Zealand we can create teams small or large depending on the scope of the project.
  • Planogram implementation is one of the six key services that Crew Services Group provide.
  • Planograms have many benefits such has improved product placement, consistency, space management which our crew are well aware of.
  • Our Crew have completed thousands of planograms across recognisable retailers as we are trusted, efficient and heavily experienced, this is what makes us the #1 retail services provider in Australia.


How are planograms implemented?

Planograms are implemented into their required bays. These are sections of an isle where the program will take place. Our crew have undergone training and are well aware of each important step. 1: Strip all products and tickets off the shelves in the bay 2: Check the planogram to see if any shelf changes need to be made 3: Following the Planogram precisely. Layout products on shelves into its new location on the shelf and fill up with stock available. 4: Add tickets in below the product 5: Now onto the next bay!

What are the main types of planograms?

Seasonal planograms - displaying products that are popular during a specific season. Category planograms - products organised based on a specific catergory or department. eg: Health and Beauty items. Each category generally have their own planograms updated yearly, sometimes entire stores will have a refresh or a new planogram implemented. Space management planograms - changing display of items based on shape, size and sales data These are only some of the planograms highlighted however our crew and trained in all.

What is a planogram service?

A planogram service is a professional service to help retailers implement planograms in a retail store. Using this service can be very beneficial as it can optimise store layouts and improve their overall merchandising display of products. Crew services group can help build these planograms and make your products visually appealing which can help improve yours sales.

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